Top 10 tips for supporting Women in Business

More and more women are taking life into their own hands and going into business. Many have families to look after; some are also single parents and carers. Many are setting up businesses for the first time. Being in business for your self can be empowering and exhilarating but it can also be overwhelming and lonely. Women in business need to feel supported. And its not just professional support that is needed its also personal

I have been in business for over 20 years. I began as a fashion designer with a retail outlet in Kensington, helping women look good and feel good. Something we all need. Today as a Health and Success Coach, my role is to help women create more time, energy and a better quality of life. International Womens Month Magazine published these tips they asked me to put together and I am posting them here to support you in your business.

1. Acknowledge your achievements and those of other women

Women are so used to doing so much, with so little, all the time. That they can be expected to do everything, with nothing forever! Notice and appreciate your achievements and those of the women around you. A little appreciation goes a long way.

2. Know your weaknesses focus on your strengths

Do what you do best and let others do the rest. This is sound advice. Learn to delegate fully. Find the right person for the job, avoid micro-managing and enjoy the space created. Staying mindful of your strengths gives you the power and energy needed for success.

3. Don’t be afraid to utilise EQ – emotional intelligence

One of our strengths as women is our great capacity for motivation, empathy and rich social skills learned in all manner of situations. As women we are emotionally intelligent. Never undermine your feelings they can be your greatest support.

4. Develop the art of listening

Listening is the one of the greatest gifts, compliments and signs of respect you can offer anyone, regardless of age or status. Mastering the art of listening is a valuable success strategy. People will more readily listen and be influenced in business by you if you take time to really hear them first.

5. Support and encourage other women, allow them to support you

Always remember that to get up, we don’t have to put others down. There is room at the top. Your business is an expression of you projected into the world. Your personality establishes the culture of your business. You have a responsibility to be the very best you can be.

6. Ask for help

Sack the martyr and get all the help you deserve. Contrary to popular opinion you cannot do it all yourself. And even if you could, why deny people the privilege of supporting you and sharing in your success.

7. Alone Time

Take time to connect with the sacred. Have quiet time each day in nature, meditation, or prayer. Schedule at least one retreat a year to re-charge and take charge of your life.

 8. Follow the 80/20 rule

This rule states that 20% of causes are responsible for 80% of effects. Let me explain another way. 20% of your wardrobe accounts for 80% of what you wear! Got it. This means that 20% of your energy creates 80% of your results. Meaning that most of what you do creates very little at all. Conclusion, ease up on yourself.

 9. Work with EASE – write a ‘not to do’ list

Being successful doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact when you are not creating ease in your life, you are creating dis-ease. You do not have to buy into the overwork, overwhelm culture. Rest and relaxation can really boost clarity, confidence and creativity. These are all essentials for successful business.

 10. Never forget Health is Wealth

It is said that some people loose their health getting wealthy and then loose their wealth trying to become healthy. Therefore I advocate maintaining a healthy lifestyle, breathe fully, eat wholesome food, exercise, relax and think positively. This is key to enjoying your success as a business owner.

First published in IWM Magazine March 2007.
Little has changed, whne it comes to taking care of yourself and suceeding in your chosen business.

Caroline Shola Arewa

Award winning Coach, Speaker and Author. Shola supports people to get their Energy back and Life on track!  Shola is the Founder/Director of the popular Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach Training and has appeared on radio and TV worldwide. To find out more about, Shola’s books, Coaching and training programmes, and to receive a Free 7-day Email-course on Creating Ease and Excellence in your life and work visit: and sign up.  

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