Caroline Shola Arewa is a leading figure in the world of Spirituality and Wellness. She’s delivered her award-winning work internationally for over 30 years and authored five books, including bestsellers
Opening to Spirit and Energy 4 Life.

Shola is a pioneer in the field of Wellness Coaching. Today Shola trains and mentors wellness professionals worldwide, empowering them to create, health, happiness and
success in their own lives and for their clients.

But it wasn’t always like this.

Shola’s childhood was so full of pain and rejection, by age 14 she didn’t want to live. Feeling  disillusioned and low she remembered what she was told as a child, you can do anything you put your mind to.”

In 5 years, Shola turned everything around, moved to London and created a successful fashion business. “Fashion allowed me to express myself and feel a sense of worth.” However, it soon became a source of stress. Something was still missing. Shola thought there must be more to life. So leaving everything behind ‘despite the fear’ Shola went ahead and travelled to 11 countries including India. This totally transformed her life. One day, while listening to chants, with tears in her eyes, something released inside. She experienced in that moment the expansive, love and magic of life. Her studies and personal transformation led Shola to devote her life to transforming the lives of others.

“Transforming Lives and creating greater Health, Happiness and Success is my main mission.”

Transforming Lives

Shola founded Energy 4 Life wellness coaching offering trainings in energy based wellness coaching. “Not just information, Transformation, is Shola’s philosophy. Shola Integrates Psychology and Yoga, to create lasting spiritual and personal growth. She works on a deep cellular level to Transform Lives. Shola offers you an invitation for lasting transformation. 

What can Shola do for you?

Through her many published articles, books, speaking engagements, workshops, coaching and renowned wellness Coach training; wherever you are right now, if you are looking to make changes in your life, maybe you are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, low in Energy and looking for a new direction, Shola – the Energy Doctor has the unique prescription to help you Get your Energy back, and your Life on track! With speed and ease.

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