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Caroline Shola Arewa has inspired people worldwide for 30 years with her pioneering and award winning work. Psychologist, Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Wellness Coach
and Author. For Shola it’s all about


Books by Shola

If you are interested in Energy, Wellness and Spiritual Development, you will Love Shola’s books. Shola is the author of 5 books, including bestsellers, Opening to Spirit, in its 20 year edition and Energy 4 Life, which focuses on Energy based Wellness.

Books to Empower and Transform

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Workshops, Trainings and Luxury Retreats designed for you to create greater Health, Happiness and Success.

Spiritual Coaching Training


"The training covered everything I was looking for. Shola teaches so much, in a short space of time. Transformational. I feel honoured, incredibly thankful for the most beautiful, grounding, empowering training. I believe E4L will help change the world.

Lucy Pople

“I really enjoyed the experiential learning; great strategies that can support me and others to enhance wellbeing. I came away clearer on how I can work with others and make a positive difference in their lives. I knew E4L was where I needed to be

Sharon Daley

“E4L is a beautiful merging of science and spirituality. A well-thought out, thorough and above all loving programme that I use with myself, my family, and in my work as a yoga teacher and coach. E4L is truly inspirational and transformational.”

Leslie Saglio

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