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Chakra Cards



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Chakra Empowerment Cards

I am so excited about the Chakra Empowerment Cards. I loved creating them and I’m really happy to share them with you. After writing Opening to Spirit, I started to create these cards. Honestly these cards have taken so long. I literally started them in 2001 and it has taken until now to finally get them completed. Sometimes you need space and stillness to receive the right Energy from above. That is what these cards allow you to do, they help you to Open to Spirit and receive the right messages from your Higher Self.  

There are so many powerful ways to use your cards. They offer motivation, education and affirmation. Choose one card, or dive deep at times when you need clarity and insight; gain answers reading your cards using Chakra Layouts. The cards are designed to provide guidance whenever you need it. 

Chakra Soul Essence

“Since what happens today may be different from what happens tomorrow, a wise person consults the oracle daily”

Yoruba Proverb

Chakra Empowerment
Chakra Cards
Chakra Balance Card

My intention for you, is that you will be guided as you use these cards to deepen your connection to Spirit, and  develop your understanding of Energy, Elements and the Chakras.The cards are informative as well as insightful. Learn how West African and Egyptian Metaphysical Energies relate to the Chakras. Use the cards to live an Energised, Embodied and Empowered life, as well as supporting others to do the same.

Every Day Rituals

Make Chakra Empowerment Cards an integral part of your Spiritual practice, use for personal exploration and daily alignment. Perfect when used in the morning as part of your Daily Rituals. Gain inspiration, guidance, direction and answers to your innermost questions, all while learning about the Chakras, Elements, Goddess Energy and more. The cards are designed to be  informative as well as insightful. 

I am always asked for Chakra Readings, now you can learn to read the Chakras for yourself and for clients using 7 Soul Essence Cards with a pendulum. You also have 44 Chakra Empowerment Cards That provide insights in a multitude of ways, drawing on Ancient Cultural teachings that I have studied for over 30 years.

If you’re interested in Energy and the Chakras? You will love these cards. Maybe you’re a Yoga Teacher, Coach or Healer, these cards are great for therapists, teachers, Mindfulness practitioners and everyone who wants to elevate Energy and develop inner knowledge, you and your clients will love working with these powerful, multicultural Chakra Empowerment Cards.

Ever since my first book, Opening to Spirit was published more than 21 years ago, I have wanted to create Chakra Empowerment Cards as a companion to the book. Some things have a long gestation. I am finally at end of their creation and I am so happy to be able to share them with you now! 

Chakra Empowerment Cards and the companion set: can be shipped to you wherever you are in the world. If you’re not in the UK or USA, request pricing for your country and we will get them out to you! 


Chakra Empowerment Cards and Opening to Spirit go hand in hand. Study the book, and use the cards to deepen your understanding of your own Energy, and learn to support others using both the book and the cards.  

Opening to Spirit 
Study in-depth practical and theoretical teachings of Yoga, Chakras and Mythology from Ancient Egypt, Early India and West Africa. Order your Anniversary edition of this now Classic book

Chakra Empowerment Cards  – 56 Cards in all
7 Soul Essence Cards – based on the Chakra images in Opening to Spirit
44 Main Chakra Cards – representing multiple aspects of the Chakra Energies
5 Information Cards – teaching you how to read Energy using Chakra layouts

Save 10% when you order your Companion Set today. 

“I love these cards, I use them everyday and I have learnt so much
about Myself and the Chakras.
Can’t wait to use them with my Clients, thanks so much Shola “

Maya Souza

Certified training

Shola is presenting a certified training for those who want to offer Chakra Empowerment Card Readings using this deck. The cards have multiple layers and ways of reading and working, to give insights into past, present and future; synchronised with powerful Energy Techniques.

As you know the Chakras provide a complex system for Spiritual and Personal Development. Shola also brings her diverse cultural knowledge to all aspects relating to this system, so there is a real depth of experience, when using these cards personally and when reading for others.  

Email us for dates of the next Chakra Empowerment Card Training. Perfect for developing your all round knowledge of the Ancient Chakra System and learning to use these insightful cards in so many ways.  

Chakra Empowerment Cards,
 Blend Ancient and Contemporary Spiritual knowledge, drawn from West Africa, Egypt and India. Seven Sacred aspects, including symbols and words bring a richness and complexity to any question asked.

Caroline Shola Arewa

Psychologist, Wellness Coach, Speaker, Mentor and Author. 

Known as the Energy Doctor, Shola has transformed lives worldwide for 30 years with her pioneering and awarding winning work. CAM Award winner for outstanding contribution to complementary and alternative medicine. Shola blends her passion for Chakras, Elements and all things Energy!

A trailblazer in the field of wellness coaching; Shola trains and professionally accredits Coaches in the energy-based integral approach to wellness she created; Energy 4 Life, which also forms the basis of the Wellness Temple Journal. 

As the visionary behind Energy 4 Life, Shola’s mission is to positively increase your health, happiness and success through sharing powerful tools and techniques that facilitate mindful and conscious self-care rituals and routines

Shola’s work supports you to restore health and enhance wellness, by making simple lifestyle shifts that result in getting your Energy back and your Life on track.

The beauty of your Chakra Empowerment Cards, is not just how they look,
but also the many creative ways to use them.

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