As an Author and Expert for Psychologies Lifelabs, when the question of how to write a book was asked, I quickly offered my response. I clearly remember wanting to write a book and not knowing where to start. I know many Coaches, Yoga Teachers, Therapists and Wellness Practitioners have a book inside and want to write that book and get it out into the world. So I want to share my answer with you all. I trust it will inspire you to take action. Read below book a call with me if you want Coaching support to get your book written.

I have a secret ambition to write a book, how do I stop procrastinating?


Great question. Not so secret anymore, so excellent first move.
This is what worked for me when I stopped procrastinating and eventually wrote my first book 18 years ago.
I knew very little about writing, less about publishing, but I had something to say and a desire to share.
I got the support I needed, took the challenge and stepped out of my comfort zone. You can do the same, this is how I started:

1. Know your why? What difference will your book make? Commit to that purpose.
I had unique knowledge about Energy, Psychology, Spirituality and Wellness. I wanted to share this with others to make a difference and Transform Lives. I committed to my Purpose.

2. Tell people, your dream is to write a book. Tell everybody, so they can support you.
When I had enough of people asking me about my non existent book, I actually started writing it.

3. Visualise the end result you want to see.
My first book, Opening to Spirit, was published by Harper Collins 18 years ago, and it has changed countless Lives, including mine, all over the world. I have travelled to every continent as a result of writing my first book and I continue to get invites. This year alone, I’ve accepted invites to Bermuda, Jamaica, USA and India. All because I stopped procrastinating and wrote my first book. I have 5 books now and get to live and work in a way I love.

4. Just start writing.
I started to write, in fact I literally wrote, “I don’t know how to begin this book, but I want to stay Open to Spirit.” And that was how I started it. The title, the book, the inspiration all flowed, simply because I started putting pen to paper. (it was 18 years ago so no computer) I didn’t know what I didn’t know and that is a very good place to be sometimes. Just start writing, magic happens, honestly.

I hope this inspires you, to dream big and see in your minds eye what your book can create, I trust you will speak to people, everybody about the book you are writing. I hope you recognise why your book is important and the difference it can make to other peoples lives. And I trust you are motivated, not to judge, but to simply start writing. Now!!

I so enjoyed answering this question, and this trip down memory lane. I trust you and others are inspired.

Want to get your book into the world?

I am passionate about supporting people to show up in print, write their books and be seen in the world. If you want to work with me to get your book written and published? Then book a call with me and lets get your book out of the recesses of your mind and onto the book shelf. Writing a book is part discipline, taking action and magic. Reading a book is just Magic!

I wish you every success.

Caroline Shola Arewa

Award winning Wellness Coach, Speaker and Author. Shola supports you to get your Energy back and your Life on track! Founder/Director of Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach Training, Shola has appeared on radio and TV worldwide. She is getting ready to launch round 2 of her successful LEAP Mentoring Program. If you’d like to find out more book your discovery call now. 

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