Books by Shola

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Books by Shola

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Alchemy of Energy                           £14.99

An inspirational book offereing simple yet powerful principles and practices to revitalise and elevate Energy. When we focus on Energy Magic Happens!

OPENING TO SPIRIT                               £24.99

Opening to Spirit,now in its 20th year anniversary edition, continues to awaken many lives. I regularly receive gratitude from every continent…

ENERGY 4 LIFE                                      £11.99

How you manage personal energy is the new key to health and creating a high quality of life. Explore the four main pillars needed for wellness…

Ebooks £7.99


Work-related stress has reached record levels Stress and can negatively affect your health and well being…

Purpose Passion Peace

Embracing Purpose, Passion and Peace, in your life is the very Essence of Success 


Seven chakras form the energetic core of your existence. Knowledge of these energy centres can be us…

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