“The training covered everything I was looking for. Shola teaches so much, in a short space of time. Transformational. I feel honoured, incredibly thankful for the most beautiful, grounding, empowering training. I believe E4L will help change the world.

E4L Wellness Coach 

Lucy Pople

“I really enjoyed the experiential learning; great strategies that can support me and others to enhance wellbeing. I came away clearer on how I can work with others and make a positive difference in their lives. I knew E4L was where I needed to be

E4L Wellness Coach 

Sharon Daley

“E4L is a beautiful merging of science and spirituality. A well-thought out, thorough and above all loving programme that I use with myself, my family, and in my work as a yoga teacher. E4L is truly inspirational and transformational.”

E4L Wellness Coach 

Leslie Saglio

Opening to Spirit’ is an amazing synthesis of the traditions and wisdom from ancient cultures. Arewa’s book on Energy, Chakras and depth spirituality,  is a treasure chest full of inspiring and enriching information, a delight for your soul, mind and eyes.   

Author, International Speaker

Denise Linn

“Shola is an excellent trainer, experienced, supportive, and committed with an exceptional knowledge of her subject. She is calm, encouraging and always patient. A true professional. Take her courses and your life will be transformed forever, mine was.
Thank you Shola

Head of Education 

Hannah Smith

“You are an artful healer and your gifts are your capacity to really “listen and hear” what is on the surface and in the hidden depths. You facilitate with tough gentleness, persuasively guiding while not letting off the hook. You are quiet but rock solid and centred in your knowing.”

Medical Doctor UK/SA

Jenny Gardy

Another door has opened for me personally – and more techniques for me to share with my students. A fascinating insight into energy, chakras and how they connect to impact our lives. Shola runs the workshop so beautifully and makes everything so interesting and enjoyable”

Yoga Teacher and Therapist 

Emma Escott

“To me the concept of the four modalities makes perfect sense, and there is a wonderful synergy between the four. Shola’s work is based on a wealth of evidence and research from around the world. The four modalities of E4L have provided me with a new outlook and new opportunities.

E4L Wellness Coach  

Sue Mathews

“Wow!!! just back from Energy 4 Life Training, words can’t explain I Feel totally blown away by the first 4 days. It’s life changing already- what am I going to be like after 12 days? The gift of E4L Training is truly the best gift I have ever given myself. THANK YOU, Your work is life saving! 

Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach

Deborah Lee

Shola, you have gifted the world with your new book, ‘Alchemy of Energy’. Your energy is on every page. I am so deeply grateful to you for the teachings you share. I will be buying two more copies for my son and a friend. THANK YOU so much for being who you are, and for doing what you’re doing in the world. You SHINE!  

Artist and Mother

Saskia Ndour

“I spoke to Shola and knew deep in my heart that E4L would tie everything together for me. As   Something was missing in my work. My passion is health and I want to be the best of me. This is possible when your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and soul energy is supported and balanced. E4L does just that.  

E4L Coach, Nurse Practitioner 

Sarah McMillan

“If you are in search of a really good course, effective, efficient tools, a brilliant opportunity to immerse yourself in experiential learning that will deeply re-energise and transform your life  plus magnificently empower you to help others, then look no further; Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach training is pure magic.”

Security Consultant, Coach

Obi Okolo

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