Opening To Spirit

Caroline Shola Arewa

£24.99             (£5.00 PP)

Opening to Spirit continues to awaken and bless many lives. I regularly receive letters of gratitude from every continent telling how powerful transformations have occurred attributed to the work in this book. I have received letters from lawyers and law breakers, saints and sinners, men and women, the young and the old of every hue from all over the world.

Leaving me humbled and in gratitude to the powerful spirit I opened to and shared in these pages. I still travel worldwide sharing the powerful teachings of energy and transformation. And no matter which part of the world I visit, be it Asia, Africa, America, Europe, the people in front of me will find themselves reflected in this work, because Opening to Spirit is about people, it’s about life and most of all it’s about love. It is about the soaring potential we each have to elevate the human spirit and transform our lives through connecting from a place of love and joining in the hugely significant emergent awakening of Unity Consciousness.


“Chakras, meditation, health, crystals, history, and all manifestations of healing are bound within this text. If I had enough money, I would buy a copy of this text for EVERY single being on this planet”

Amazon Review from MD USA

“A MUST BUY for anyone looking to start on a more self- empowering spiritual path! I could go on but there is too much to say. Buy it, borrow it just get it!”

N. Stephenson USA

“This is one of the best books I’ve ever read on chakra energy. The techniques shared can be incorporated into workshops, healing circles and study groups or used by the individual truth seeker.”

Jana Long

“This is a book I bought many years ago. It is a book I constantly pick up and reread as life unfolds for me. I constantly recommend this book to everyone, and anyone who is on a path to understanding the yearning in their soul. I know this book can, and will help them understand their journey.”


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