Free flowing energy through the human body, mind and spirit is essential for sexual health and happiness. When we allow Divine life force energy to flow freely, everything is enhanced; because underlying everything is the movement of energy. The word ecstasy means, without stasis, to be in a state of constant movement and flow.

Sexual energy is the primal power responsible for your creation. Without it you wouldn’t exist, you stand as testament to its power and wonder. Sexual energy weaves you into being and continues to serve your body, mind and spirit, producing health, happiness and fulfilment. This potent force impacts all the Chakras flowing from the root to the crown and then returning from crown to root.

Sexual energy holds numerous benefits, bestowing excitement, balance, healing and the potential for bliss and spiritual ecstasy. Yet like fire, passion and losing control, sexual energy is often feared, suppressed, exploited and abused. One of our most sacred, loving attributes can be misunderstood and mistreated. Or as Osho said, used merely as a sleeping pill! Your health and wellbeing are affected by how much energy you allow to flow through your Chakras. Let’s explore two areas where sexual energy improves health.[i]

Loving Touch

Touch, our first sense to develop in the womb, is recognised for its ability to bring pleasure. Touching releases the hormone oxytocin, sometimes known as the hormone of love or the cuddle hormone. It plays a part in maternal instincts, sexual arousal and bonding. Over the last ten years neuroscientists have found oxytocin receptors in the brains and reproductive systems of men and women.[ii] The more a couple make love the deeper the bond. This connection causes just seeing each other to release oxytocin heightening the desire to be together. Maybe this explains what we call falling in Love?

Couples, who literally stay in touch, create lasting harmonious relationships. Holding hands, cuddling, stroking, kissing, massage and generally nurturing with loving touch increases production of the love hormone and strengthens intimate bonds. We all know couples who have been together forever and remain affectionate and happy in each other’s company. It seems touch is the secret.

As well as being great if a lasting relationship is your desire, the love hormone is also credited with inducing calm, reducing stress, acting as a natural antidepressant and lowering cravings and addictions. Touch plays an important role in our health and happiness.

Health Benefits of Orgasms

Health is enhanced by touch and the intense pleasure we call orgasm has the potential to not only raise vitality levels but connect us to the rhythm of the universe. According to Taoist Master and sexual health expert Mantak Chia “Multiple orgasms are part of the unfolding process of becoming one with the world.”[iii]

Orgasm is the climatic peak of sexual pleasure and spontaneous letting go of the body/mind into euphoria. It is known as the fountain of youth and thought to be essential for our health and wellbeing. The rhythmic contractions of orgasm bring a release of energy shifting brain waves into an altered state of consciousness. Chemicals are released in a burst of energy followed by spontaneous deep relaxation. Orgasm invites you to let go into a vast, unbridled experience that can be profoundly healing.

During orgasm, the whole system is flooded with ecstatic energy. All the energy pathways and cells in the body open to receive the Divine elixir and are realigned at the point of ecstasy. Pioneer of western body-centred psychotherapy, William Reich, found in his research on bioenergy, that sex and particularly orgasms were crucial for the bioelectric current of energy to complete its circuit through the body. He saw this flow of energy as essential for health.

Ancient traditions have complex energy maps detailing pathways through which energy flows. Sexual Energy in the teachings of the Ancient Egyptians, the Taoists and Tantric yogis of India is seen to flow in a rhythmic pattern of expansion and contraction. This is the underlying rhythm of all life and the universe. This rhythm is expressed through sexual energy and orgasm has the role of amplifying this wavelike rising and falling motion.

Sex maintains this universal energetic rhythm, it offers healing, raises your energy levels, increases happiness and enhance overall health and wellbeing the perfect medicine for body, mind and spirit.

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[i] Extracts from Energy and Ecstasy chapter 4 in Caroline Shola Arewa’s book Energy 4 Life

[ii] Diane Witt, assistant professor of psychology New York.

[iii] Mantak Chia Author of Alchemy of Sexual Energy.



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