Spiritual Coaching

is so timely. We are living in times of great change and uncertainty; this causes many people to search for more meaning in life. Spiritual Coaching allows you to explore new ways of living with spiritual principles at your core. The method of Spiritual coaching I have evolved offers a rich blend of ancient wisdom, science and contemporary coaching skills. When combined they have the power to touch lives in a way that is relevant for us today. Spiritual Coaching facilitates the evolutionary process in both client and coach that seeks greater, meaning, purpose and lasting fulfilment. 

Why would you want to be a Spiritual Coach? 

Coaching is one of the fastest growing professions at the moment, with many people choosing to make major life shifts. Many also want to develop spiritually. Therefore Spiritual Coach training offers the tools and techniques to apply spiritual coaching to issues people face daily. It has a broad range of applications. It offers Coaches and their Clients the opportunity to create healthy, happy and successful lives that are self defined and directed. 

Spiritual Coaching focuses on transforming the way we live and deals with improving relationships at home and in the workplace with the aim of bringing greater balance and purpose to life.

As I said in the beginning it is very timely and I bring over 30 years experience in spiritual and personal development to my work and the Spiritual Coach training I have developed. 

I see a spiritual revolution gaining momentum and people seeking new ways to re-connect to spirit. Spiritual Coaching aims to develop spiritual intelligence and heightened awareness in a growing number of coaches and clients. I provide a theoretical and practical framework that draws from wisdom teachings, science, psychology and tried and tested success tools. 

We live in a world of rapid change and uncertainty, while we have to manage more choice in our lives than ever before; this approach to Spiritual Coaching helps people find a sense of stability and inner calm to make choices effectively in our fast changing world?

Walking an alternative path in life used to be a lonely journey. These days you will find yourself in good company, as more and more people search for new measures of success and increased meaning. Despite constant challenges in our lives we can experience happiness and lasting success. 

We often forget our Soul Purpose in the midst of the changes and challenges life presents, but we still have a divine role to play in the theatre of life. We each have the potential to reclaim our purpose, re-kindle our passions and live a peace-filled life. Sooner or later we all long for that which is lost. Returning home spiritually helps us to remember. 

Spiritual coaching is about improving communication, creating balance, inner stability, esteem and happiness. Spiritual coaching cultivates spiritual intelligence that in turn enhances the overall quality of life. 

Spiritual coaching provides a model and resource for people who want to make a difference in their lives and the life’s of others. It is equally beneficial to executives wanting to improve leadership skill, professionals wanting to reduce workplace stress and parents dealing with the challenge of raising children. Spiritual coaching supports change and helps people reach their goals with ease, which is what coaching is all about.

Energy and Chakras, a passion of mine for many years form a vital part of this unique spiritual approach to coaching. Science and spirituality may seem like oil and water, but we see how quantum theory and science actually resemble many ancient spiritual principles. Spiritual Coaching has a power that can provide solutions to some of life’s many problems. Our evolutionary human energy system and psychobiology are closely connected and have an impact on our sense of self worth, creativity, inner power and communication.

Having established this Spiritual coaching model, I was sure to include truly practical ways of enhancing the way we live. Simple tools that clarify what success really means to us can reveal inner dreams, desires and divine gifts, allowing us to find the meaning we seek. 

A rapidly growing world requires new solutions. Spiritual Coaching offers a powerful new way of organising our lives and reaching our potential. Spiritual Coaching re-connects us with our Divine Purpose and helps us create choices that bring stability, success and inner fulfilment to our lives.

Find out more about Spiritual Coaching here.  

Caroline Shola Arewa

Award winning Wellness Coach, Speaker and Author. Shola supports you to get your Energy back and your Life on track! Founder/Director of Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach Training, Shola has appeared on radio and TV worldwide. She is getting ready to launch round 2 of her successful LEAP Mentoring Program. If you’d like to find out more book your discovery call now. 

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