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Would you like to change your life and help other people change theirs?
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Award winning Wellness Coach Training, focusing on four Energy based modalities. An excellent way to transform your life, and gain the qualifications and confidence needed to work with people, coaching them to create greater
Health, Happiness and Success. Take a quantum leap –
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Wellness Coach TRaining

What is Wellness Coaching? 

Wellness Coaching is an exciting new career that has emerged in response to lifestyle induced illnesses, caused by stress, lack of energy and poor lifestyle choices.

Wellness Coaching has an important role to play in supporting people to restore health and wellbeing in body, mind and spirit. Our Coaches work with clients in private practice, schools, hospitals and the workplace.

As a qualified Coach, you’ll get to make changes in your life and make a living sharing your passion for helping other people live healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives.

Energy 4 Life, helps you deepen your spiritual practice, become more mindful and learn powerful tools to rebalance your life. Thinking about E4L training? Gift yourself. Train as a Wellness Coach empower yourself by serving others.

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On this professional training you gain the skills and lifestyle changes you have wanted to develop for a long time. You’ll meet likeminded people and have an uplifting experience that will positively impact the rest of your life. E4L Qualified Wellness Coaches make a real difference in the lives of others.

E4L training is at the leading edge of the wellness revolution. Intensive, integral and transformative blend of science and spirituality synthesising timeless and new wellness approaches; to support lasting health and wellbeing.

‘Everything is Energy’. Enhance your life, by improving the overall quality, flow and management of energy. Study the theory and application of this innovative 4-modality system.

Are you ready to join the Wellness Revolution? Become a Coach empower yourself, serve others. Take a quantum leap change your life and make a massive difference for others.

Become a Coach empower yourself, serve others.

What you’ll learn

Seven Main Modalities over 3 months

1. Energy, Chakras and Five Element Theory
2. Energy Exercise – Based on Yoga and Chi Gong
3. Energy Psychology – Powerful Success Mindset Tools
4. Energy Foods – Plant Based, Living, High Energy Foods
5. Energy Balance – Mindfulness, Relaxation, Body Therapies 6. Coaching Skills – Art of Life and Wellness Coaching
7. Quantum Science – Energy, Consciousness and Change

We teach you progressive and effective Coaching skills, plus the leading edge science that underpins the powerful energy work. Energy 4 Life is fully accredited to diploma level by the Association for Coaching.

This is a great opportunity to restore your health, change your career and reach your potential in body, mind and spirit.

E4L stands for Excellence in Energy Management
and Wellness Coaching. Our Training includes:

–       10 or 12 days in-person in-depth group training

–       Independent study modules

–       Self and peer assessments

–       Coaching sessions

–       5 months support and guidance from Shola

–       Access to E4L network and support group

–       Chance to feature on the Energy 4 Life media channels

Make a difference – Become a Coach  

“Before training I felt stuck.  E4L Wellness Coach Training gave me the confidence, tools and energy  to move towards my goals and desired future.  The practical, easy to apply tools and techniques allowed me to develop more balance in my life, and gave me the confidence to start my own wellness coaching practice.”

Kay Smith – E4L Wellness Coach

Energy 4 Life

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Why Choose E4L?

This Training is for you if: 

You want a heart centred, nurturing training with soul.

You want many ways to work with your clients in one system

You want a powerful system for bringing all the things you’re really passionate about together

You want to do work you love and live an abundant life

You have read the books, know the theory, get the secret, and are ready to put things into practice and make a difference

People are always coming to you for advice and you love to support their wellness

Become an E4L Coach

Enjoy a small nurturing group

Work closely with Shola Arewa, best selling Author of Opening to Spirit, Way of the Chakras and Energy 4 Life.  This Award winning wellness coach training offers a synergy of powerful teachings designed to uplift your energy levels and develop your knowledge and skill of working with Energy. Understand the ‘Psychology of Change’ and explore how quantum sciences are changing the way we think about the brain, our health and reality itself. Learn to successfully apply cutting edge science and exciting new approaches to your life and work.

“E4L accelerated me forward with a passion to continue my work, I thought I may give up and return to a small unfulfilling life, I am so happy to have been on this course and worked with a great teacher who has inspired me to keep going, and also opened so many new doors for me, it has been an amazing journey.”

Andrea Jackson  Wellness Coach  Radiantwoman.me


Is E4L Wellness Coaching right for you?

Entry requirements – you will need a 

  • Commitment to your personal growth and development
  • Knowledge of or interest in energy based approaches to wellbeing
  • Ability to study both in a group and independently
  • Willingness to step into your own powerful energy
It's an advantage but not compulsory to be a

Coach, Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Healer, Educator, Medical Professional, Helping Professional.

If you are ready to step into your full potential and coach others to do the same, Apply Now! 

What is the training format?

Full training generally takes place over 3 x 4 day blocks
from Fri – Mon. or
Intensive 7 – I0 day Residential or Non Res. if residing locally.

Written assignments, written specialist project and client practice all to enhance your learning and confidence.

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Award winning course!

Diploma Level Wellness Coach Training

Accredited by the AC – Association for Coaching

Registered by the CMA – Complimentary Medical Association

For syllabus and booking information Download Brochure

Places are limited on our courses so contact us now to secure your place.

All our Coaches are individually supported and nurtured while on the training. Your unique journey will be honoured and all our trainees benefit from this personalised approach.  We only accept a limited number of people each year; this maintains a high standard and ensures that every student receives personal attention and input from Shola, our highly experienced principal trainer.

Our guarantee to you

Embarking on a training course is a big decision. We know it is important for you to make the right choice. With Energy 4 Life you are not only guaranteed to greatly enhance your own life, but you will also be qualified, competent and ready to practice as soon as you fully complete your training.

And it doesn’t end there, we continue to support you once you have completed your training. We offer mentoring, and advanced courses and the opportunity to meet our other wonderful Coaches. Plus a private ‘Energy 4 Life Family’ facebook page for mutual support.

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Premium packages and payment plans

Contact us about our Premium Package or Payment Plans.

If you want additional Coaching and personal mentoring as you train, ask us about our Premium Package.

If you need longer to pay ask about our payment plans.

We always try to work something out to suit you.

If you have other requirements, let us know we are here to support you.

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One persons powerful journey

Whilst reading through the heart work (Homework) we do at E4L, I came across these powerful words, I want to share with you what one of our Coaches had to say about her experience. I will not be sharing names, however, if you would like to speak to someone who has completed the training, please let us know and it can be organised.

Since starting E4L I can honestly say that my life has changed for the better, in fact it has changed completely. In four days I went from severely depressed, quite ill woman who had lost every scrap of self esteem and confidence, to a purposeful, energetic, enthusiastic girl who had regained her zest for life and drive for success.  I have never felt, fitter, healthier, more alive and more enthusiastic.

E4L impacts every day for me. It has changed my thinking and my outlook, and the way I deal with people and the way I face life’s challenges, it has changed me emotionally, physically and mentally and I have found a whole new world of friends, interest and activity which bring me endless peace, Joy and satisfaction. I feel truly blessed to have chosen this path.

I have finally found my purpose. E4L Coaching is where I am meant to be. I find it so rewarding, challenging, enlightening, humbling and inspiring that people open their hearts and let me help them find their way to where they want to be. Seeing the changes I have been able to facilitate in other people, watching them let go of issues they have clung to for years, and seeing them walk out sparkling with light, clear, fresh energy is so satisfying and makes me feel very privileged.

Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach Training

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