Meditation to Manifestation

This Meditation is mainly silent,and towards the end I invite you to connect with your Crown Chakra and Universal Source Energy that brings everything into being. Then bring the Energy down to your Heart with Compassion, finally bring the Energy down to Earth at the Root Chakra the seat of Manifestation. Where Energy is crystalized into form.

Set your intention; many people want more Peace and the Clarity to make important life changes.
Which is beautiful. Allow the magic happen.

4 important secrets that need to be in place to Manifest:

1. Mindset is your Foundation.
2. A clearly envisioned goal for your Future
3. Priorities, you have to Favor what moves you forward.
4. And you must Plan for Freedom!  

Take Risks

You have to be willing to get out of your own way and take action. You must move beyond your comfort zone, and take risks, if you are serious about creating a Life you Love for you and your family.

Many of my clients share their amazing Testimonies Jacqueline O, Keisha, Nyesha, Joyanne, Janice and Auset all who trained with me as Spiritual Coaches, or Joined LEAP to build a business, or journeyed to Kemet. Their stories are so inspiring. It’s not easy, but it is possible, and it starts by being willing to step up and answer your unique calling. If you don’t do you, you won’t be done! Cos no-one can do you, like you do!

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Caroline Shola Arewa

Award winning Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Mentor and Author. Shola supports you to get your Energy back and your Life on track! Founder/Director of Spiritual Coach TrainingShola has appeared on radio and TV worldwide. She is getting ready to launch a powerful new Healing System Shekem Maat. If you’d like to find out how to work with Shola book your discovery call now. 

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