Feeling Great Gratitude for Life today, and that after so many years I still get to play this awesome and wonder-filled game of Life. That Energy still flows through, around and as me. And that I get to make a difference. You see my childhood was so, troublesome, challenging and painful, right from the beginning, my light was so dimmed and my vision so dulled, that I never thought I would live to be an adult, and I really didn’t want to be either. I just wanted to die, it was so bad.

So it is for my power-filled Aries fighting spirit, that I give thanks to have grown up, survived all the pain, madness, name calling, racism, family issues, teachers with low and no expectations of me, those that couldn’t see me and all those who did yet thought i’d fail anyway.

It is because of this mountain I climbed that I Give thanks today, it is because I almost died so young, that I give thanks for getting older today. Thanks that I still breathe and enjoy each breath. It’s because life was never promised me, that I give thanks for all the years both endured and enjoyed.

I have so much to be Great-Full for that I am almost overwhelmed and speechless. I give thanks for all, no matter how small. I fully appreciate what it is to be ALIVE. I give thanks everyday for the Blessings bestowed on me, for the Blessings around me and I give thanks to be a Blessing to others and to be a bright light in our world. To be a Conscious Leader, I give thanks for knowing my Divine Purpose and being committed to Transforming Lives with Passion and Peace. Ok, yeh! and with my fiery Self!!

And most of all right now as I read through every one of the hundreds of Birthday messages it is like taking a trip down memory lane, school friends from when I was a little tot, Northern Soul friends from my teens, friends from my fashion days. My spiritual teachers, those that have invited me to speak all around the world after reading my first book, Opening to Spirit. or seeing me speak and inviting me on Cruises and those I met there. Those who have travelled with me on my yoga journey, and Life’s sojourn, those I have taught and those who have taught me. The amazing grown children of my friends. My wonderful Energy 4 Life Coaches. And my beloved family who are all over the world. On facebook everyone comes together, isn’t that amazing!! For that I truly give thanks.

Thank you everyone who took time to wish me well on my birthday, you are truly a blessing to me and may you remain ever blessed.   (Response to hundreds of Facebook birthday wishes on my birthday 28th March 2016)

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Caroline Shola Arewa

Yoga Teacher, Psychologist, Author and  Trainer of Wellness Coaches.

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