With enthusiasm I embarked on my psychology degree as a mature student. At 27 I was one of the youngest in my group. Most women had school age children, some had already raised their families and I had run my own successful fashion business and travelled the world. Nerves were high as we stepped out of our comfort zones and entered academia. In one of the initial sessions we were asked to list the skills we brought with us. I still remember the frustration as the women looked blank at our lecturer wondering what possible skills they could bring? We were attending university, after all, to get educated. There seemed a sharp divide between what we knew already and what we were going to learn, until Hannah, our lecturer, started to draw out the many skills women had already mastered as a result of managing a home and family.

These women were already experts at organisation, communication and negotiation. Not to mention nursing, teaching, accounting, juggling and the development of a powerful sixth sense. The women were both delighted and shocked to find out they had already achieved so much. As women we are often guilty of undervaluing ourselves and failing to acknowledge our inner power and many achievements. We simply don’t take enough timeout to celebrate how amazing ordinary women are, every day of the week.

Behind every good Man 

How does the saying go? “Behind every good man is a women.” Lets take this a step further. Imagine if women stopped giving birth. There would be no good men. No politicians, scientists, artists, doctors or accountants. Without women birthing and raising children there would be no next generation. People simply wouldn’t exist. Nothing is more important than birthing the next generation. So is the power of a woman.

Science has it that we all date back through the female genetic code to one African woman. “Modern human beings can trace their ancestry back to a single woman who lived 200,000 years ago in Africa. This one woman was nicknamed, Eve.” Through the labour of women we are each blessed with life. We must give thanks daily for our lives and celebrate our parents.

Influence and Power

Women are not only earth mothers and carers. I am sure the first female who walked the land was a great leader. Women have many faces, and are just as likely to be found in politics or finance as in the kitchen, in fact more likely. Black women in the UK have the highest rate of business ownership among any ethnic group. Women are out there big, bold and beautiful.

We have much to celebrate. We have an inner power a Divine Purpose. A force that burns from within propelling us to show up in the world and be all we can be. We are women of influence and power. We come from a line of courageous and determined women, spirited and passionate women. Despite all the challenges, pain and struggles, we rise.

Standing in your Power

Are you stepping into your greatness and standing fully in your power? Every woman of every race is here for a reason and has a unique gift to offer the world. We have an inner power that we must harvest. Oprah said she always loved talking. She took her gift and worked it! What do you love to do most? How can you nurture and shape your unique gifts? What is it that stops you being in your full power? Remember, your tiara is already paid for. It’s your inheritance. ‘Tomorrow is not what it used to be’ it is a new day for you to create. Your destiny is not a point in time. You are programming your destiny every minute of every day. So take time to get clear about what you are creating in your life.

Mentors and Role Models

Who are your mentors? Who is modelling a future you wish to step into. Is it Maya Angelou writer, poet and activist, Oscar winning Viola Davis, New York Times best seller, Iyanla Vanzant, Dianne Abbott MP, First lady Michelle Obama, super athlete, business woman and philanthropist Serena Williams? Is it Sheila Crump Johnson, entrepreneur, proud mother of two and the first female African-American billionaire? Yes, she was there before Oprah who is definitely on my list of Mentors. There are a growing number of women who are rich in so many ways and stepping out on purpose.

Celebrating Women 

March the 8th is International Women’s Day, a time of celebration. So what are we celebrating? What really makes women so powerful? Is it our gentle nature, our beauty, our status and determination? In answer to these questions I simply say. Like the earth herself we give life and have birthed the world’s people? Like water we are refreshing, peaceful and needed by all. Like fire we embrace both rage and radiance ready to warm or destroy. Like the wind we are given to change. We are daughter’s sisters, wifes, mothers, aunts, friends and lovers. We are business owners and bosses, ladies who lunch and ladies who punch. From accountants to Zen masters we are powerfully stepping forward in all guises and walks of life. So whatever you seek remember to acknowledge your achievements and take timeout to celebrate how amazing women are, each and every day of the week.

Caroline Shola Arewa

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