3 easy steps to shift from Procrastination to Action.

Apparently there are only three kinds of people. Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened? No guesses for knowing where Wellness Coaches and Yoga Teachers fit in. Yes all self-respecting wellness professionals are movers and shakers, making things happen and changing the world we live in for to a better place.

So how about you? Are you in control of your life and destiny, or are you taking a back seat waiting to see what happens next? Or worse still, are you experiencing the dire consequences of being OOC. Out of control, wondering what happened?

Now let me guess, you have reached a place in your life where things are going quite well but they could be better. You have achieved a lot yet still have dreams to fulfil and feel as if you have a long way to go. You have some great ideas but never seem to quite act on them. All in all it’s time for a change!

Confidence is the key. Confidence is a powerful energy that radiates from successful people. It is a dynamic aura that holds others in its spell and like a magnet it attracts the thoughts and desires of its holder. Confidence reaches out, destroys procrastination and embraces the impossible. It lives life on the edge and has difficulty recognising risk seeing only opportunity.

We could all use more less procrastination and more confidence. We could all step up to the next level in life. It is our very nature to continue to grow and evolve. We are constantly in the process of becoming more of who we truly are.

So what is next for you?

What are you creating in your life? Think of an area in your life where you need more confidence. It could be your career, your home, relationships, finance or health. And yes, it could be all of them!

Here are three easy steps for all happening Wellness Professionals: You may have heard this before,
but if it’s worth saying once, it’s worth reminding you again.

1. Change your self-talk

One of the most powerful tools you own is your mind. And you use it regularly to speak with yourself. The person who speaks to you more than anyone else, is You! So watch what you are saying, because your own words often support procrastination and undermine your confidence. Replace words like should with could and can’t with can. Change hope to trust and I will try into I can do. Use positive language with yourself, as if you are encouraging a child. And don’t be scared this is not confidence, these are just words; words with the power to create change in your life. If you say you can or you say you can’t you are always right. So at least get yourself off to a good start by choosing your language carefully. Use self-talk that supports the changes you desire.

2. Keep an eye on your goal

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will do. However, it may leave you in the category of people who wonder what happened? Start with the end in mind, is sound advice from Business Guru Stephen Covey. Wellness Coaches, Yoga Teachers all soloprenuers need to know what they want to achieve. Children know what they want. From the youngest to the oldest, all successful individuals have a vision. Think children and pester power, they keep their eye on the goal, be it ice-cream or trainers, and they give it their best shot. You must be able to see, hear and touch your goal. Create it in your minds eye in all its greatness. Use your mind to project yourself into a future where your goal is already achieved. Be there in the midst of it, enjoying your accomplishment. Notice all the details, taste the flavours, feel the confidence you have in this place, experience the excitement. Embrace your inner power, be mindful, so you can recreate and live your dreams.

3. Just do it

Step three, time for action. Be sure your words are in alignment with your desires (step 1) Have an image in your minds eye of what you want to create (step 2). In order to make things happen, you must act. Just do it. You know you can.

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Caroline Shola Arewa

Award winning Wellness Coach, Speaker and Author, Shola helps you to get their Energy back and Life on track, by Training and Mentoring Health and Wellness Coaches. Shola is the Founder/Director of Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach Training and has appeared on radio and TV worldwide. To find out more about, Shola’s books, Coaching and training programmes and to receive your Free 7-day E-mail-course on Creating More Energy and Excellence visit: www.energy-4life.com and sign up.


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