Health and Wellness Coaching is one of the fastest growing new professions. According to Harvard Business Review coaching is now a $1 billion a year industry. I offer training for people who want to become Wellness Coaches and I am often asked the question, what exactly is life coaching, health, wellness coaching, personal coaching and why are so many executives and stressed out individuals turning to them to improve their health, happiness and success?

Coaching is a powerful new means of getting the most out of your life. A rapidly growing world requires new solutions. Coaching has grown out of personal development and grown up in the digital era. It is a relationship between two people, a coach and client, that takes place mostly online, email or telephone. It offers a holistic and integral approach to fulfilment and success in all areas of life. The Authors of Co-active Coaching describe coaching as “A powerful relationship for people making important changes in their lives.”
Coaching encourages you to maximize your personal and professional potential. People from all walks of life use Coaches to enhance all aspects of life. Some choose to make career improvements, others health, some finance or relationship. A well-trained Coach can support you to develop numerous aspects of life.

So how do Coaches actually work, what do they do?

  1. A good Coach helps you identify and achieve your goals with speed and ease. Just make sure you use an accredited Coach.
  2. A Wellness Coach may work as part of a workplace wellness team or be hired personally by you, to help improve your health and wellness. This may be recovering from health challenges and getting back into work, it could be weight loss, managing stress or immune disorders, lowering blood pressure. Raising energy levels, improving sleep patterns, reducing fatigue. A wellness Coach works closely with you in a holistic way to maximize your potential.
  3. If you have lost your way, maybe feeling overwhelmed after illness, redundancy, you may want to re-invent yourself after the children leave home: A Coach can really help you get back on track and feeling confident and enthused about your life again.
  1. Inspiration, motivation, accountability, support, clarity, whatever you need to get back on track and achieve your goals, quickly; your coach can support you.
  1. Coaches are professional, non-judgmental and skilful in helping you make the changes you desire. They have often been through a lot themselves and coaching has helped them change their lives. Just be sure to choose a Coach that has done a recognized and accredited training. If you are looking for help with your health, make sure your coach is qualified by an accredited school and belongs to a professional body such as the Coaching Association. Many people call themselves Coaches, who are not properly trained and therefore will not be able to offer the support you need.
  1. All Energy 4 Life Wellness Coaches, have undertaken a fully accredited, intensive, in-person training. They have studied a proven system covering the theory and practice, art and science of energy-based wellness coaching; and therefore can support you in many ways to change lifestyle habits that are draining your energy and causing stress. Our Wellness Coaches are also trained to introduce and encourage practices that create greater health, happiness and success.
  1. Coaching takes place in a wide spectrum of ways. Some Coaches meet face-face with their clients, others use Skype or phone. Online Coaching is becoming increasingly popular. I personally help numerous clients achieve their goals who live all around the world; therefore we have to use phone and Internet. And some of my local clients find it much more convenient to have sessions by phone. There are less distractions and it’s an efficient use of time. Surprisingly, it is possible to create a really good, authentic connection.
  1. Best practice in coaching suggests two, three or four sessions a month lasting between 45 – 60 minutes each. Your first session may be longer in order for your coach to gather the initial information needed; it may last up to 90 minutes. This is a small investment of time for the results that can be achieved. Coaching really changes lives.
  1. If you are thinking of becoming a Coach yourself and joining a growing profession, where you get to work your own hours, with people you want to work with, making a massive difference in people lives, while at the same time enhancing your own. It is what I call ‘Living on Purpose. Doing work that is meaningful and makes the world a better place. You get to witness your clients making remarkable leaps in their health and wellbeing. You support people to live a life they really desire. All while creating a life you love.

People’s priorities are changing. Coaching has come out of the boardroom and into the homes of all those seeking greater health, success, high-level performance, abundance and strategies for living life to the full. Now many people from all walks of life can have a slice of the success cake.

Coaching recognises that success is different for each person and supports you to identify and achieve your own goals. A well-trained coach uses their expertise to shift you from where you are, to where you want to be, rapidly. The coach’s enthusiasm lights the flame that ignites your full potential. Coaching is a partnership for success. As Coaches we want you to reach your fullest potential because when you achieve we all achieve. Coaching at its best is, win win all the way to radiant health and full potential.

Caroline Shola Arewa

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