Since creating Energy 4 Life Wellness Coaching in 2008, I have enjoyed some very busy years and I give thanks. As the founder of an energy based approach to health and wellness coaching, I think it is fair to assume I would have lots of energy, and I do, most of the time, but as 2015 came to a close, I felt my energy levels dropping and I was in need of a serious energy boost. I had been working long hours, giving lots of energy out. I am blessed to love my work. Yet I was still feeling exhausted and in need of a good rest. I didn’t want to spend Christmas in the cold, and knew I needed to get away, far away. So I booked a flight to Bali. I had done this once before and it had completely changed my life. I needed to refuel, do lots of yoga; I’m loving Astanga Yoga at the moment. And I wanted to enjoy delicious raw and living foods.

Just thinking about my trip, made my energy levels rise. I was excited to return after 30 years. Bali was the first place I had visited on my transformational journey. I fell in love with the simplicity, the deep spirituality of the people, a spirituality that infuses every waking moment. I knew it would feed me on a deep spiritual level. I simply wanted to relax and immerse myself in my yoga practice; a bit like actress Julia Roberts in Elizabeth Gilberts Eat, Pray, Love.

Bali attracts people from all walks of life and all ages. People needing to break away and redefine the meaning and purpose of their lives. Bali offers space and time to seek answers to long held questions. It provides an opportunity to step away from busyness and disconnect from the identities we build, this creates an inner space where the magic, so many seek, resides.
This inner space is also deeply creative. I started developing a new programme to support yoga teachers and wellness experts extend their reach and excel in the work they are passionate about. Sign up to find out more.  Being in Bali surrounded by beauty, everything became clear, I felt energized, alive, creative, expansive and blessed.

What yoga in Bali taught me about Energy 4 Life

  1.  Energy is essential to Life
    Energy is fuelled by yoga and other exercise, eating good food, positive thinking and sufficient rest; these are all intrinsic parts of the Energy 4 Life wellness coach training. If you need more energy, visit the wellness academy page and find out more.
  1. Celebrate being Alive
    Give thanks for each breath. Bali reminded me to stop, breathe and just revel in being alive, what an amazing gift life is. How are you celebrating your life today?
  1. Express your Creativity
    It’s important to take time to be creative. Write, draw, dance, sing, whatever lifts your spirit. We are creative beings, what could you do more of to express your creativity?
  1. Be Expansive
    In my book Opening to Spirit, I speak of the importance of getting out in nature and having space. We speak about getting out of these 4 walls, or out of the city, we seek open spaces, mountains, coastlines, the countryside. Why? Because they allow our energy to expand, we need space to be all of who we are. Get out in the open and feel your energy change.
  1. Be Blessed
    I was blessed to have five weeks in Bali, no work I was there to relax and replenish, to lift my energy and to completely Energise my Life. It was a gift to myself; a Blessing. What gift have you been promising yourself? How can you bless yourself, maybe with a retreat, or a breakthrough day. Maybe you have been considering joining us on the Energy4 Life wellness Coach training. Or may travel with us to Jamaica for our E4L foundation course. Know that however you bless yourself, you will be rewarded tenfold and so will those around you.

Bali is an enchanting place, full of vibrant energy, vitality and spirit. It re-energized me, so I can continue doing the work I love. It reminded me what a powerful, holistic training Energy 4 Life is. A training that helps you get your Energy back and your Life on track! Contact us, if you want more information, I look forward to working with you.

Caroline Shola Arewa

Award winning Coach, Speaker and Author. Shola supports people to get their Energy back and Life on track!  Shola is the Founder/Director of the popular Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach Training and has appeared on radio and TV worldwide. To find out more about, Shola’s books, Wellness Coaching and training programmes and to receive a Free 7-day Email-course on Creating Ease and Excellence in your life and work visit: and sign up.  

Yoga Teacher, Psychologist, Author and  Trainer of Wellness Coaches.

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