Feeling, tired, low in Energy and stressed out, seems to be commonplace these days. The current energy crisis is not limited to our environment. This crisis extends to the human body. One of the major health issues affecting people today is lack of energy.

Work pressures, relationship issues, parenting, financial worries and fears for the future, all drain energy and create stress. Stress can leave you feeling tired, wound up and low in energy. In our fast paced, I need it yesterday world the only constant is change. And when everything changes we must adopt new coping mechanisms. How we manage personal energy is the new key to creating a high quality of life and living from the overflow.

With 30 years experience working personally and professionally with Energy Medicine, I developed a powerful energy-based method and wellness coach training called Energy 4 Life. I literally took the most potent, quick acting, easy to use tools for energy management, that I use successfully with my clients. E4L Coaches ask two main questions. “How do you use or abuse your personal energy resources?” and “how could you use your energy better?”

If you want to Live from the overflow, and let’s face it who doesn’t? Then its important to answer these questions and learn skills and tools for managing your personal energy resources.

I am going to share a simple tool with you here. There are many more in my books Energy 4 LifeHigh Energy Conscious Living and Alchemy of Energy So grab your copies if you are serious about raising your Energy and Living from the Overflow.

The magic of Energy 4 Life is that the tools can be used to revitalise energy anytime and anywhere. The techniques learnt on the three month Wellness Coach Training can be used with children in schools, stressed workers in offices and other work environments, plus they can be used in hospitals to restore wellbeing and of course in the home.

There are many ways personal energy resources are abused. So to ensure optimum wellbeing Energy 4 Life uses an integral approach that embraces four modalities to re-align, re-vitalise and increase energy flow.

The 4 modalities we use in Energy 4 Life are:
1. Energy Exercise
2. Energy Psychology
3. Energy Food
$. Energy Balance.

Plus Energy 4 Life draws on timeless spiritual teachings, effective wellness coaching skills and leading edge neurosciences. It helps create more meaning and purpose that is so often missing in our fast paced lives.

So if you are feeling overwhelmed, overworked and stressed out, here’s a simple 4 step process to elevate energy immediately: Just take a moment to remind yourself what is really important. Re-connect with what is truly energising and meaningful for you.

  1. Stop – whatever you are doing for a moment and take a deep BREATH
  2. Purpose – ask yourself what is important to you – remember your WHY
  3. Passion – what are you passionate about – acknowledge your deepest DESIRE
  4. Peace – cultivate a place of love, for self, others and our world. return to LOVE

At any given time we must either change or accept our circumstances and situation. As you take a moment to rest and reflect you can decide if there is something that needs to change. If you have difficulty answering these simple questions, or your life is not in alignment with your answers, maybe it’s time to change. You deserve to live, not on empty, but from the overflow, energised, passionate and excited about life.

You can choose to start living your life from today in a different way. Make a resolve to live on Purpose, with Passion in Peace, whatever that means to you. Need help to clarify? You can book a free discovery call, or join us for a one day Energise your Life workshop. I am committed to helping you Get your Energy back and your Life on track.

To book on the one day Energise your Life or more on Energy 4 Life Coach Training
contact: Caroline Shola Arewa shola@shola.co.uk 02086712624 www.energy4lifecoach.com

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