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Wellness Temple Journal

This beautiful Wellness Temple Journal (WTJ) is designed to help you improve your physical health, emotional stability and spiritual awareness. A unique Journal and Wellness Planner that draws on the Energy 4 Life method of wellness; it supports you to create greater wellness through four energy based wellness modalities; Exercise, Food, Balance and Psychology. Each one is equally vital in your pursuit of optimum health. WTJ is also a powerful tool to help manage energy. Energy levels and overall wellness increase vastly by using the information shared in WTJ.

We made sure it’s not just colourful but informative, clear and easy to use. The Wellness Temple Journal is a unique combination of:

  • Useful wellness information and charts
  • Weekly planner and weekly review
  • Attractive, uplifting Journal pages
  • Accountability for your Wellness Goals 

The WTJ encourages wellness through providing a winning combination of tools that inspire, motivate, help you plan and stay accountable for your wellness goals. This makes achieving your overall wellness so much clearer, easier and more successful. 

“Thanks so much for my journal, it has provided much more focus for my wellness, I now enjoy better health plus mindful moments during my day”


This unique Journal/Planner is divided into three main sections, an informative introductionary section, the planning and journaling section, followed by your weekly review. WTJ, is spiral bound and enhanced by clear, elegant design and useful diagrams.


The journal starts by introducing you to the WTJ concept. This is all about Personal Energy and how to manage your energy levels, using four energy-based modalities that enhance wellness.

The main section of the journal/planner is beautifully laid out for ease of use. We also include some popular wellness tools such as the Wellness Wheel, the Chakra System and Self-Care tools.

The final section includes space for appreciative reflection, a chance to review and acknowledge your progress and success.

The WTJ supports simple daily activities that help you gain and maintain your overall wellness. Many people know what they need to be doing for their health, yet still struggle to keep up healthy daily rituals and routines. WTJ, ends the struggle and helps you create and stay on top of your important wellness goals.

We all know health is wealth and everything is Energy. WTJ uses this powerful knowledge in a clear format that will keep you on track with your wellness goals to ensure your success. 

“I love my Wellness Temple Journal, It has improved my health,
I notice my energy levels are higher since I started using it and
I am much more disciplined around exercise. Thanks Shola”


Caroline Shola Arewa

Psychologist, Wellness Coach, Yoga Teacher and Author. 

Known as the Energy Doctor, Shola has transformed lives worldwide for 30 years with her pioneering and awarding winning work. CAM Award recipient for outstanding contribution to complementary and alternative medicine. Shola blends a passion for health, journaling and writing, in WTJ. 

A trailblazer in the field of wellness coaching; Shola trains and professionally accredits Coaches in the energy-based integral approach to wellness she created; Energy 4 Life, which also forms the basis of the Wellness Temple Journal. 

As the visionary behind Energy 4 Life, Shola’s mission is to positively increase your health, happiness and success through sharing powerful tools and techniques that facilitate mindful and conscious self-care rituals and routines

Shola’s work supports you to restore health and enhance wellness, by making simple lifestyle shifts that result in getting your Energy back and your Life on track.

Your Energy Levels and overall wellness will increase as a result of using WTJ

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