Hi, I’m Shola

Author of Opening to Spirit and Founder of Spiritual Coach Training. I am here to help you get your Energy back and your Life on track! It’s all about taking better care of yourself, developing your expertise and growing your wellness business.

There are three parts to this below and I’m here to support you all the way! So if you want to take better care of yourself or create and build a heart centered wellness business; read on!


Energy & Chakras

If you are not creating EASE in your life, you are creating Dis-ease.
So we help you enhance your Self Care and manage your personal energy so you can be Healthy, Happy and Fulfilled. Because taking care of your health, is the foundation of everything you do.


Become A Coach

Share the Energy; develop your expertise and become a Spiritual Coach, supporting people to change their lives. If you want to become a Coach, join our award winning Spiritual Coach Training, so you can do work that aligns with your heart. Our Energy based, Spiritual Coach Training, combines 7 powerful modalities. Supporting you to change your life and help other people change theirs. Download our brochure and book your Discovery call, Now! So you can start doing work you’re passionate about that aligns with your heart.


Build your Wellness Business

If you want to share the Energy with others, as an E4L Wellness Coach, yoga teacher or other wellness professional, you will need to know how to set up and build your heart centered wellness business. This can be quite a learning curve, but as your Mentor, I take the stress and overwhelm out of it, making it quicker and much less confusing for you to get started or grow the work you love. Join our Free Well Rev group and come over to our Enlightened Entrepreneurs Private Members Lounge. 

Be the Change – Lead the Change!

Transform your life & wellness business | Shola Caroline Arewa | Energy4lifecoach.com
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