Sarah Scott

Qualifications: Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach QWC

Introducing Sarah Scott in London

The body communicates in more subtle, intuitive and energetic ways than I had appreciated. Previously the energy that expresses as emotions would overwhelm me, I would turn the energy in on myself in self-sabotaging ways. E4L helped me understand that it really is all energy and we can give it focus or mindfully release it without taking it personally. E4L taught me to fine tune and ‘listen’ to the energy in my body more intimately, its messages guide me and in using E4L Psychology, and E4L Balance techniques I let it be.

Q  How has Energy 4 Life impacted your life?
I notice how a thought or small event can swiftly change my energy in a direction that may not be helpful, until I allow the light of awareness to dissolve its potency. I am now experiencing the deep treasure of self-care and nurture I never ever felt or allowed myself to feel before. There is a more centred space from which to create and so long as there is a release of effort, an allowance of ease, life flows and energy is spent more efficiently.

As a Health Trainer my next step needed to be Wellness Coach training and before I knew it E4L was dancing before my eyes. I am a ‘raw fooder’, I had read Shola’s articles in “Get Fresh”. I got into eating raw in 2002 to increase my energy (and enhance my health) so I knew that Energy 4 Life was definitely the way to go.

I am so grateful that with E4L I am at last giving space for my spiritual direction starting each day with Energy Exercises. I’ve been feeling so on purpose. I experience an enormously enhanced sense of presence – which is increased when I am sharing E4L. I feel deeply honoured to be of service in this way.

Q  What is your E4L  specialist area?
My E4L focus is in working with people who are dealing with eating or stomach and digestive disorders, this includes people experiencing anxiety, stress and OCD. I use E4L in my one to one Being Well Yoga sessions with people who are living with a health issue, whether it be physical or mental / emotional.

Q  What results have you seen with your E4L clients?
Clients have moved from energetic contraction, anxiety fear and exhaustion towards a new sense of inner peace and balance and with that a release of energy and a genuine appreciation of being themselves, being alive.


The sessions opened up so many new avenues of thought 
giving me a multitude of insight in to physical and energetic well-being. 
Sarah’s ability to listen non-judgmentally provided the perfect atmosphere 
in which to look at my situation…right on the button.

The combination of the exploratory discursive part of our sessions 
and the body work felt incredibly grounding and nurturing as well as expansive and enriching.

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