Ruth Goodwin

Qualifications: Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach QWC

Introducing Ruth Goodwin in Wetherby

Where to start… E4L was, and is my saviour! I am a former Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist. When I read the article in Get Fresh Magazine by Shola, I knew deep in my heart and my gut that I HAD to get on the course. Once I had decided, the universe moved mountains to grant me the money needed to pay for it. I had spent years looking for ‘something’, and I’d never really known what ‘it’ was. I’ve had challenges with alcohol, sugar, chasing adrenaline, uncontrollable emotions, anger, and eventually adrenal fatigue.

E4L has been life changing for me. The techniques have helped me to put everything into perspective and release a lot of the baggage I’ve carried for a long time. The reading and learning around the chakras has helped me to see where my imbalances are, why they are, and how I can create space inside to rebalance and draw energy in.

Q  How has Energy 4 Life impacted your life?

I first heard about E4L when I read an article by Shola, and it had such an immediate impact on me. Having done the course and become a qualified E4L coach it is still impacting  my life in a very positive way.

I now have a full understanding that we need energy for everything we do, to think, to be, to feel. If we are able to operate from our core energy we have the capacity to feel vital and can make transformations previously impossible. I’m excited by this, it’s taken E4L to enable me to become conscious of it.

Q  What is your E4L  specialist area?

My specialist area is a one that is close to my heart and that is busy mums. Having had three children in quick succession several years ago now, I can relate to the ease of succumbing to the energy ‘debt’ that is common when you’re looking after others 24/7. My passion lies here, and I am in the process of producing an e-book on this very subject, to support busy mums.

Q  What results have you seen with your E4L clients?

I have seen worry lift from clients faces. I have listened to positive statements about their lives, which were previously very negative. I’ve felt huge relaxation taking place during breathing exercises, and chakra balancing, and a spring in their step when leaving sessions.

I’m so grateful to be an E4L coach and to be making a difference in my clients lives.


“The sessions were productive yet non-intrusive and Ruth guided me towards
positive and practical solutions in a very straight forward, easy to understand manner.”

“A lot has happened in my life since my first meeting with Ruth. The values imparted to me
have helped greatly and overall zest for a balanced life is back”.

“I feel completely at ease talking to Ruth. Her help and guidance
contributes to my motivation to change.”

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