Moni Rodriguez

Qualifications: Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach QWC – Energise your Life 8 week group Leader

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Introducing Moni Rodriguez in London

I come from working in a corporate environment and when I found out about E4L I was under lots of stress and pretty exhausted all the time. During my E4L Wellness Coach training I recovered my sense of purpose, my energy levels improved and I finally was able to overcome many of myself limiting beliefs. Once I qualified I decided that I wanted to support other women in similar situation as mine to transform their life.


How has Energy 4 Life Impacted your life?
I saw E4L advert in one of my favorite magazines first. When I read more about it I knew I wanted to become an E4L Wellness Coach. I have always been really interested in energy therapies and few years ago I trained in some modalities. However I knew that the next level for me was coaching. When I found what Shola was doing I felt really connected with her work and I enrolled for the training.

Today I feel that I have much more confidence in myself and I feel that part of it is thanks to the valuable skills I learnt as an E4L Wellness Coach. Living a high energy life for me is having a sense of purpose every single day of my life as well as taking care of my body, mind and spirit so I can achieve the success that I want in my life. My purpose is to serve others by supporting them also in their transformational journey.

What is your E4L specialist area?

My project is about stress management. I specialise in working with professional women who want a better work/life balance as well as to achieve more energy, happiness and success in their life.

What results have you seen with your E4L clients?

After working with me my clients feel more relaxed, energised and they gain more clarity about the direction they want to take in life. They start taking positive action to reach their life and wellness goals and they feel confident about achieving what they truly want. They also reduce their stress levels utilizing E4L tools.




” I undertook Moni’s coaching sessions with hopes she would help me to find some clarity in this long journey that is to find the purpose of your life and also to deal with stressful situations I was going through at that time. To be honest, I did not know what to start with so we went through all my notes with random things I wanted to achieve and we discussed the possibilities. We finally got a feasible plan and my priorities were finally organised. That was a fabulous start. I went home that night with hopes I could make it happen. Thanks to Moni I have got a plan to follow and the belief that I can get through it by myself. She also showed me how powerful accountability is! Every meeting Moni reminded me what things I had already gotten or was on the way to get and it really made me feel good and kept my positive attitude at its highest.”

Ana Fernandez – Lab Biologist, London

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