Melanie Philippides

Qualifications: Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach QWC – Energise your Life 8 week course Leader

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Introducing Melanie Philippides in London

Since I was a child I was always drawn towards healing, psychology and spirituality. Over the years my path has led me towards achieving a psychology degree, a diploma in psychosynthesis counselling and now Energy 4 Life Coaching. I always knew what my path was yet I was closed off from others, untrusting and finding myself stuck in addictive and self-destructive patterns as a result of a traumatic childhood. Over the years through spiritual practices such as meditation and working with healing plants, counselling and coaching training, as well as developing myself creatively though dance, I have let go of the walls that I had put around me and have moved on from a place of fear to a place of love and trust. I have experienced the healing and magic that comes from loving and forgiving myself and others and I want to bring this to others who have forgotten.

How has Energy 4 Life impacted your life?
A few years after I qualified as a Psychosynthesis counsellor I felt like something was missing from my practice. I intuitively knew that there were other ways to offer a faster and more effective approach towards counselling, yet I didn’t know what. One day I felt inspired to look at holistic and spiritual wellness coaching courses in my area and I was drawn towards E4L. I was fortunate to be able to enrol ASAP and the training-whilst short in comparison to my 4 year counselling training-was powerful and transformative. What inspired me the most in the E4L training was the pragmatic and useful exercises that I could apply into my daily routine, which made subtle yet instant changes and in turn the rewards deepened the more I practised them. I felt that this was what had been missing previously and I am happy with how enriched my therapeutic practice has become.

What is your Energy 4 Life specialist area?
My E4L project covered the application of E4L coaching to break addictive habits. I have found E4L to be an effective and pragmatic method of transforming addictive patterns; through simple exercises, along with the wisdom gained from cultures around the world, as well as modern day psychology and effective coaching techniques (which help to waken the will to action within us). My specialist areas include addictions, eating disorders, trauma & abuse, young people.

What results have you seen with your E4L clients?
I have witnessed elevations in my clients’ vibrational energy, from a lower and more negative state towards a higher one. This showed in increased mindfulness, changes in states of mind, more positive feelings, to name a few.


“I appreciated my sessions with Mel because it opened up doors that I never thought were there. I feel I have more control over my future. Mel has been a guiding light through my journey. Mel made the hard part easy and was with me, every step of the way” – Matt, 27, Londo

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