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Qualifications: Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach QWC

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Email: leslie@lesliesaglio.com

Introducing Leslie Saglio in London

As an American raised in Los Angeles and working in high profile corporate jobs in Entertainment and Real Estate, I know all too well the damage that comes from the fast paced world we currently live in. For me, the catalyst for change was witnessing the serious illness that beset my parents and my best friend. It was then I began my spiritual path and in my quest for meaning I started living more consciously and holistically, experiencing a more purposeful life.

Turning my pain and loss into something positive and beautiful, my mission is to inspire and encourage others towards a more purpose filled life, empowering my clients to live with more grace, love, and gratitude. I’m committed to my own spiritual journey to be healed and be a source of healing in this world. I’m honoured to work with people that just need their path lit to see all that’s open to them.

Experiencing the passing of my father in a hospice I learned the most invaluable lesson that is to honour and respect one’s soul journey. Remaining grateful in a dire situation, allowing space to have his own unique experience made me a more compassionate individual and ultimately a more effective coach.

Q  How has Energy 4 Life impacted your life?
As a yoga teacher and energy healer I wanted to further assist others on their path to wellness. Through research I discovered E4L© and knew immediately it was a divine calling. E4L© beautifully merges both science and spirituality allowing for experiential transformation. It uses ancient beliefs and practices, worked for centuries, and puts them in a modern format that resonates deeply with me. E4L© is a well-thought out, thorough and above all loving programme that continues to support my life. It’s truly an inspirational and transformational programme and journey to our Self and Spirit.

Q  What is your E4L  specialist area?
As an American expat and mother living in Europe for 9 years I’m passionate about helping people through transition and move closer to their true nature, becoming a more joyful person on the other side. I understand well what it takes to be supported and thrive in a changing and challenging environment. From my personal experiences and professional background my intention is to empower others to grow, be happier and succeed in life.

Q  What results have you seen with your E4L clients?
Past clients praise the E4L© Balance exercises and coaching tools as together they provide a healing, holistic, and progressive approach to managing personal energy and living a more healthy, balanced, and joyful life.


“Results were apparent and immediate … I did not have to “wait and see” or “have faith”
that I was undergoing transformation…a safe, supportive environment
with tools you can use immediately and for the rest of your life.”
– Erin S., Los Angeles


“A calm, gentle, loving atmosphere while encouraging you, at your own pace,
to become more yourself than you knew you could be…
nothing short of a privilege to work with Leslie”
— Karin L., London

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