Kathleen deMengel

Qualifications: Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach QWC

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Email: kdemengel@yahoo.co.uk

Call: 0787 659 5680

Introducing Kathleen deMengel in Sheffield

As a teacher, I have spent many years with young people, supporting them in their education, working to raise their self esteem and celebrating their achievements. During my transition from work to retirement, I too became a student, studying animal health and wellbeing and animal communication. It became much more; my life changed and I was invited into a place of wonder and beauty as I discovered my Spiritual self.

Q  How has Energy 4 Life impacted your life?
My first experience of Energy 4 Life was a course at Brightlife. I had been ill and was emotionally drained. Over the weekend I was given time and space to be me. I felt safe, comfortable and valued and some joy crept into my pained self and even some laughter. I saw that I could choose to step back into this world and move forward. I realised that E4L was very special; that it holds a connection with the Divine; it is a pathway to transformation. During my training as an E4L Coach I gained a much greater understanding of my own wellbeing and also how to support others in their journey to health and wellness.

Energy and Equines
I have a strong connection with and love for all animals; I share my life with two dogs, Benji and Leia and Liberty Belle, a Shire horse. For my project I chose to examine the possibility of using the E4L Wellness Coaching with horses; Energy 4 Life for Equinescame into being. This was a wonderful time of learning for me and Liberty Belle, my beautiful and wise friend was a willing participant and my first equine client. My project was a starting point which demonstrated that E4L offers a practical and rounded programme which benefits the health and wellbeing of a horse. I have continued to develop the tools and techniques as research and experience has moved my learning forward.

Q  What results have you seen with your E4L clients?
I am so pleased with the results. Liberty is a picture of health and contentment and our connection and understanding has been greatly enhanced. She is a happy horse who has taken the opportunity to be valued as an individual. Saxon, a Clydesdale, has now joined our small group. He has been subject to many years of neglect and already, after only a few weeks, is showing great progress.


Ms de Mengel has a very relaxed approach, putting me at ease in such a way that I felt I could easily discuss what I wanted. This is something I find extremely difficult and I do not speak of my own needs often. She is a professional and gifted teacher. Anne

Kath has endless patience, spending time with Liberty performing massage and stretching exercises and they have developed quite a bond through it. She also loves to collect fresh herbs and feeds Liberty a selection every day. Janie

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