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Introducing Esin Say Yaygin in Malta

My professional career started 17 years ago in banking sector. The last 11 years of it, I have worked as a Senior Manager in corporate banking. I am also 2nd Level Reiki Healerand a Hatha Yoga Instructor. What combines them perfectly is E4L Wellness Coachingwhere Energy Balance is used very similar to Reiki Healing and some Energy Exercises are taken from Yoga Tradition. After all, the ultimate goal is to help people gain health, happiness and balance. Working with different people who can be quite challenging at times gave me the opportunity to gain priceless experience regarding coaching. But especially the last 5 years, I have been feeling overwhelmed by the pressures and demands of my job which led me to find what I seek in life. I noticed that helping others is my passion which I do intuitively. By the help of E4L, I became aware of my own negative scripts and beliefs about life and felt the urge to tune into myself again. What I figured out was; “life is actually easy when you flow with it and flowing needs openness and willingness to change and of course energy management.”


Q  How has Energy 4 Life impacted your life?
I was looking for a coach training programme with a holistic approach. I found Energy 4 Life on the internet and instantly resonated with it. Yet, E4L has offered me far more than I had expected. I used to believe that one can achieve success in life by only hard work. It was a relief to find out that ‘less is more’, especially when working with E4L modalities. What I like about E4L is; it gives you so much empowerment to achieve your goals, heal, restore wellbeing and prevent dis-eases before they happen. I apply E4L modalities to my daily routine and see results instantly.


Q  What is your E4L  specialist area?
My E4L Project was to find out and indicate misuse of energy in office environment. The aim was to raise awareness around this issue among employees and to help them find balance at work by using E4L modalities. My 17 years of corporate experience helps me to understand the challenges of business life and how to support employees accordingly. I believe that anyone can achieve great success and happiness with the right tools, support and empowerment.


Q  What results have you seen with your E4L clients?
What I have seen greatly in my clients is awareness. An awareness gained through new insights that helps them see life with a new perspective. They begin to let go and start to heal. They can see their real essence, develop more confidence and reshape their own lives. They realize that the path doesn’t need to be a tough one.


“Esin helped me a lot with my way of thinking, to change the negative thoughts into positive ones. 
She is very motivated and willing to help me change the way I look into things. 
She brings out the best and the worst in me. She knows how to push my buttons.” Maria


“Thanks to Esin’s encouraging approach during our sessions, I realized the potential in me. 
She helped me change most of my pessimistic thoughts into optimistic ones 
and look at the future with a different perspective.” Aytül

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