Way of the Chakras

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This book focuses on the importance of energy and the chakras, explaining what chakras are and how they affect your health including common ailments linked to each chakra. Re-balancing exercises are provided for all the chakras. A great book for beginners.

Chakras are centres of energy and part of a greater network of subtle energies that pervade the body. This guide looks at Chakras in a cross-cultural, historical context, showing how knowledge of the chakras can be found in ancient spiritual traditions the world over. The reader is also introduced to a variety of practical exercises. These include visualizations, meditations, breath awareness and specific postures, all designed to encourage practice and direct experience of the chakras.

“Clear, easy to read and inspiring, It is an ideal way for the beginner to consolidate their knowledge and understanding of the movement of energy and the ways of harnessing energy for a happier physical, emotional and spritual person and a happier world.” Fiona UK.

Available now – only £9.99