Journey through the Chakras

Seven chakras form the energetic core of your existence. Knowledge of these energy centres can be used for personal development, healing and transformation. This workbook provides the information needed to understand your chakras. Each centre is illustrated. There are detailed characteristics, meditations and rituals for each chakra.

This easy to use workbook provides an excellent introduction to the Chakras system. It provides extensive details to help you begin working with your chakras. Each centre is illustrated. You can take time to colour these illustrations, which you will find is a powerful active meditation. There is a detailed listing of characteristics for each of the seven main chakras, you can use this as a reference to develop your own understanding of the chakra system. A meditation and ritual is given for all the chakras. To attain the best results allow about one month to work on each chakra. Every time you practice the meditation it’s effect and resonance will be different.

The perfect introduction to the Chakras.

Ebook only £7.99