Energy 4 Life

Do you want more Energy and vitality in your life?One of the major health issues affecting people today is lack of energy. Most people want enough energy and vitality to live life to the full.

Energy 4 Life offers a health and conscious living programme that activates your core energy. It works with the Chakras and Human Energy System. This powerful energetic approach offers the skills needed to live a Healthy, Happy and Successful life in the midst of a changing world.Energy Exercises, Energy Psychology, high Energy Foods and Energy Balancing techniques are all part of this integrated system. An uplifting and informative book that makes balancing the demands of 21st century life manageable

In her exciting new book, Shola Arewa expertly blends the art and science of energy, bringing you a practical approach to healthy living that promises to raise your energy levels and uplift your spirit.

Topics covered include:
Exercises, based on yoga, tai-chi and chakra work.
An exploration of believes, values and life scipts to cleanse and refocus your mind.
Rainbow diet, yogic eating, the power of eating raw and live foods.
Meditation, relaxation and Energy Balance.
The energy of sacred sexuality, power of touch, eye contact, loving
Coaching skills, action planning,
And much more:Get your signed copy now from the Author.


Praise for Energy 4 Life!

Like Shola I profoundly believe that our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health are completely down to ourselves and the key is to recognize the extent of that responsibility and act on it. You are responsible for your own health for life. Your energy is a good measure of your health. I deeply admire those who follow Shola’s regime and example. It will serve you very well. Shola’s book Energy for Life is as comprehensive as you could wish for.
Sir John Whitmore, Author of Coaching for Performance

In this exciting book, Shola Arewa expertly blends the art and science of energy, bringing you a practical approach to healthy living that promises to raise your energy levels and uplift your spirit.
Mike George, Author of The 7 Myths About LOVE…Actually!

Shola is a true “Master of Energy.” In Energy4Life she shares a unique synthesis of cutting edge western science and ancient teachings on energy. Shola gently guides you, with exquisite clarity, through a complete approach to transforming your life through increasing your vital energy and teaching you the secrets of how to sustain this energy in all the different aspects of your being from physical to spiritual.
Phil Young, Author of Power of Love: A Guide to Consciousness and Change.

Thank you for introducing “Energy 4 Life, High Energy Conscious Living”. You have designed a richly stimulating and elevating consciousness book featuring spiritual & natural wellness principles. I believe your book to be vital and very rewarding for individuals desirous of being released from the humdrum, daily drudgery of life. Because of Energy 4 Life, many will experience new wonder filled lives. Thank you. Your book is marvelous.
Reverent June Juliet Gatlin, International Spiritual Advisor & Author 

Inspiring and helpful, Caroline Shola Arewa is one of the UK’s most experienced Holistic Teachers and this book will help many people find energy and meaning in their modern lives.”
Dr William Bloom, Author of The Endorphin Effect
and Founder of the Foundation for Holistic Spirituality

I have been looking for ways to sustain a more energy filled life on a consistent basis, so I started reading this book. I found the techniques shared in this book to be invaluable. The author, Caroline Shola Arewa, has a wealth of information on increasing the body’s energy flow in a natural and healthy way. I keep this book handy and refer to it often to explore more techniques for healthy living. I highly recommend this book for anyone serious about improving their health holistically.
M. San Kofa  Yoga Teacher California 

A Brilliant Read. This is a unique, intelligent, insightful, and brilliant book from start to finish. My congratulations to the Author!
Amanda Sheils – Author 

This interesting book offers the reader a comprehensive approach to a new programme for health and vitality.  Energy 4 Life Coaching is about transforming the way we live. It is a workbook that can help the reader to bring about personal transformation. There are workshops for those who wish to take a deeper look into E4L and it could take them on a journey that will help them to help others to transform their lives.
Diane Morgan Editor of Footprints

In this well written and extremely interesting book, Shola covers a wealth of energy concepts including quantum physics, energy foods and the human energy system (chakras) to provide a deeper understanding of  how we are affected by energy and energy levels. By following her her health and conscious living programme we can manage, activate and increase our own enrgy leves!
Martin Gill Yoga Magazine