Embracing Purpose, Passion and Peace

Embracing Purpose, Passion and Peace,
in your life is the very Essence of Success’.


Would you like more success and less stress in your life? In Purpose, Passion, Peace Shola shows you how to follow your heart and take your life to the next level. Her encouraging combination of Life Coaching skills and Spiritual Wisdom creates confidence and transformation. This workbook includes a seven-week Success Coaching Programme that will help you discover your unique gifts and unleash your greatness.


This book is an aid to reclaiming and mastering three divine qualities.

What people are saying about Purpose, Passion and Peace – Shola’s latest book

‘An invaluable resource that reveals one’s divine right to establish
purpose with ease and clarity.’                          

Rev June Gatlin, Author, Speaker and Singer US.


‘At last a workbook that integrates spirituality and passion,’
Anne Marie Woodall, Author and Trainer UK.

‘Wonderfully direct approach to the important work of the soul’

Jamillah, Photographer US.

Ebook Only £7.99