Embracing Purpose, Passion and Peace


We could all use more Purpose, Passion and Peace. Especially when we are undergoing change. Is your life changing? Are you trying to create a new business write a book, change your lifestyle? If so this workbook can help you accomplish your goals and embrace the greatness that is unfolding within you

Are you living your life on purpose? 
Purpose, Passion, Peace shows you how to follow your heart and take your life to the next level. A combination of Coaching and Spiritual Wisdom that will help you create confidence and transform your life. Also includes a seven-week Success Coaching Programme so you can discover your unique gifts and unleash your greatness. So if you answered No, its time for you to reclaim and master three divine qualities.

I believe that as humans when we live on Purpose with Passion in Peace we express the very essence of who we are. Purpose Passion Peaceis our birthright. It is a harmonious way to live, a way that encourages ease, pleasure, health, happiness, love and fulfilment. This book is an aid to reclaiming and mastering three divine qualities. Purpose, is knowing how to stand in the world. Passion is knowing how to move in the world and Peace is knowing how to be in and transcend the world. Embracing purpose, passion and peace, in your life is the very essence of success.

This book combines Life Coaching skills and Spiritual Wisdom; it offers exercises for maximising success while reducing stress. It will inspire you to enhance your achievements and develop inner harmony.

Paper Back – Workbook

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