Alchemy of Energy

Alchemy of energy
Change your Energy – Change your Life 
 Caroline Shola Arewa – The Energy Doctor

Shola’s latest book is an invitation to transformation; an inspirational book offering simple yet powerful principles and practices to elevate energy. It will help you overcome the obstacles holding you back and enhance the next stage of your life. Exploring Energy, Chakras and the Elements of earth, water, fire and air.

Book includes a CD of guided meditation and relaxation, (Value alone of £7.99)
plus a Bonus – Ebook, Embracing Purpose, Passion, Peace!
  (Value alone of £7.99)
In Alchemy of Energy you will learn:

Your unique Energetic Signature

Applications of Energy Psychology

How to raise energy for vitality and wellbeing

New ways of understanding yourself

Effective ways of relating to others

How to harness your inner power and design a life you love.

This book aims to physically energise, emotionally nurture and spiritually uplift.
When we Focus on Energy, Magic Happens!


From the Author of Opening to Spirit and Energy 4 Life