Alchemy of Energy

Change your Energy – Change your Life


Caroline Shola Arewa

An Invitation for Transformation

We live in a time where lack of energy is commonplace. Low energy is a major cause of stress and illness today. At times your energy levels may be low; you may feel as though something is holding you back? Perhaps you want more balance and love in your life?

This workshop shows you how to effectively raise your energy levels and create more balance in your life. We will explore Energy, Chakras and the four Elements.


Understanding the Human Energy System leads to greater physical health, emotional stability and spiritual awareness. This workshop explores how you can create subtle energetic changes that have a big impact. A great opportunity to top up on your energy levels, have some fun and learn simple tools you can use with family, friends or clients. You’ll leave feeling energised, nurtured and spiritually uplifted! Everything changes when you change your energy.


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