Caroline Shola Arewa

Psychologist, Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Wellness Coach and Author, Caroline Shola Arewa has inspired people worldwide for 30 years with her pioneering and award winning work.

After the stress of running a successful fashion business got too much, Shola decided to let it all go and went on a spiritual journey, climbing Everest, sailing the Nile, swimming in the Great Barrier Reef and learning from wise Elders around the world. A journey that completely transformed her life and led to a lifelong study of spiritual and personal development. 
Shola’s extensive study of psychology, somatic therapies and spiritual disciplines, plus years of  experience informed her work and development of  Energy 4 Life. 

She is the founder of Energy 4 Life wellness coaching offering trainings in energy based wellness coaching and powerful breakthrough days, supporting people to “get their Energy back and Life on track” using health and conscious living techniques. She is the Author of five published books, including the best seller Opening to Spirit, now in its 15th year anniversary edition. Shola writes on psychology and wellness for numerous health and lifestyle magazines including, Yoga Magazine, Inspired Wellness and Arik Airline. She is also a featured expert in the highly acclaimed film, Yogawoman. As a Coach, Speaker, Trainer and Author Shola offers informative and fun presentations on all aspects of holistic wellness, mindfulness, personal development and stress reduction. Shola says: “Transforming Lives and creating greater Health, Happiness and Success is my main mission.”


Get your Energy back and your Life on track!

Prevention is better than cure. This is what many companies are finding out as they engage in corporate wellness programmes.